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How to Accounting Video Tutorials

  • Jeudi, 1 avril 2010


  • Marielle Beauchemin, APOP


  • Gerry LaRocca, Vanier College

Gerry La Rocca has found a creative way of helping a percentage of students who were not really absorbing their material, but simply going through the motions of surface learning.

The gist of the project envisioned using Camtasia was to create screen recordings to clearly and effectively communicate how to solve accounting problems through a series of « How to Accounting Video Tutorials ». These videos were designed to help the students understand specific accounting concepts.

The feedback from the students has been extremely positive: the video tutorials are creating a change! Students are watching the videos and collaborating on learning. They gather to discuss the material on their own time. And students, who do not understand and do not ask questions, are using the video tutorials as a review of the material.

M. La Rocca will be sharing his experience with the APOP community. Come learn and discuss this asynchronous means of e-learning. Beforehand, we invite you to watch the video tutorials designed by Gerry La Rocca on the Profweb website.

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