Sherpa: an ePortfolio Evolving with Students’ Learning

  • Mercredi, 9 mai 2012


  • Laurence Lachapelle-Bégin, Vitrine Technologie Éducation


  • Isabelle Sperano, Laval University
  • Évelyne Granger, APOP

From brainstorming, to project-based learning and evaluation, ePortfolios remain powerful tools to assess and present students’ work. Also, as their productions will (ultimately!) follow them through their postsecondary course, the selected ePortfolio platform must provide many features (interoperability, maintenance, ergonomy, etc.) to ensure its long-term sustainability and use.

Portfolios and ePortfolios have been a subject of interest in pedagogy for many years; however, it is only recently that large scale initiatives have been taken to implement them in the classroom.

In this last webinar of the semester, Isabelle Sperano, User Experience Designer and Lecturer at the School of Design, Université Laval, and Évelyne Granger, project manager at APOP, will discuss the use of ePortfolios for higher education. As an example, they will present Sherpa: an ePortfolio designed specifically for Québec’s cégeps and universities.

Related questions and issues

  • Why should we use ePortfolios?
  • How do we decide which ePortfolio to use?
  • How much effort must be put in to integrate an ePortfolio in a course, a program or an institution?
  • How much effort must be put in to transform a traditional class to flipped on?
  • How can existing learning activities be adapted for an ePortfolio approach?
  • What technical aspects must be considered in the choice of an ePortfolio?

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