Serious Games: Are you serious?

  • Mardi, 14 mai 2013


  • Christophe Reverd, Vitrine Technologie Éducation


  • Hubert Lalande, CFORP (Centre Franco-Ontarien de Ressources Pédagogiques)
  • Emmanuelle Erny Newton, CFORP
  • Mireille Leblanc, CFORP

The concept of a serious game in education has been « interpreted » in various ways, giving rise to many very different games -so much so that it is increasingly difficult to figure out what a serious game is. How do you efficiently devise a game with a specific educational content in mind? What are the challenges a multidisciplinary team will face in order to produce a good serious game? How can a serious game present educational content in a way that no other educational resource can?

Starting with the empirical concept of « game », we will first aim at defining what an educational game is -and is not. Then we will move on to examples of serious games which epitomize how good game mechanics can serve in a unique way a specific educational content. We’ll finally present a recent serious game made by the CFORP: My Personal GPS. The making of this game will be an occasion to identify the successes and challenges faced by a multidisciplinary team in such a project, including conceptualizing content, organizing the workflow… And speaking the same « educational language »!

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