Net Talk

Embedding New Dynamics into Classrooms of the Future

  • Mercredi, 7 avril 2010


  • Kevin Lenton, Vanier College


  • Elizabeth Charles, Dawson College

Quebec’s institutions of higher education are faced with a huge challenge over the next few years. To start, there is be the arrival of the « millennium students, » who have grown up with interactive and social networking technologies, as well as a different type of pedagogy brought about by the curricula reforms in Quebec high schools (QEP).

While some institutions have begun to implement more in-class student participation, we identify two important considerations:

  1. How to leverage interactive and network technologies to service formal learning
  2. How to assist teachers with the implementation of what is called techno-pedagogical design

In this workshop session Elizabeth Charles will discuss an ongoing co-design project that examines these concerns as two aspects of the same system.

First, she will briefly describe the IT media being designed to increase interactive engagement by creating collective knowledge networks. Second, she will describe the complementary effort to support the corresponding changes to teacher practice and ultimately promote the development of a new community of practice for our faculty.

The objective of this workshop is to open up a dialog on how we might envision the changing classroom that includes the flow of learning activities (referred to as « scripts »), embedding new dynamics of social networking, collaboration, interactive media into our educational settings; and, how communities for changing teaching practices can be fostered.

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