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Technopedagogical support

Technopedagocial support services for businesses and organizations allow the creation or customization of pedagogical material essential to the formation of human resources in various contexts. With the end goal being client autonomy for all training purposes, APOP’s multidisciplinary team can adapt to different types of businesses and organizations to provide both turnkey and collaborative solutions.

Sample interventions

  • Optimizing the use of technologies to promote both acquisition and transfer of knowledge
  • Analyzing and evaluating the effectiveness of existing learning resources
  • Adapting and actualizing existing training material for real time and asynchronous distance learning
  • Creating a complete or complementary training program
  • Reducing training costs with the effective use of digital technologies

Pricing: $ 70 / hour

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Training activities

Hosted in a collaborative environment through videoconferencing, the training activities offered by APOP addresses various aspects in relation with technology and pedagogy. Based on a rich expertise, a variety of realizations and the help of numerous experts, the content is constantly updated and improved. The activities allow every user to improve or develop new skills thanks to effective and up to date material adapted to his role and tasks inside the organization.

Sample activities :

  • Activities targeting specific content: clerical tasks, media, web communications
  • Activities promoting awareness: web safety, netiquette, ethical behavior on the web
  • Simulation activities: mobile communication, videoconferencing between users, teleworking in the digital age
  • Community of practice facilitating information transfer in production teams: development of collaborative tools, expertise sharing
  • Clinics focused on mastering processes and tools: video production, web edition, cloud storage

Pricing : Depends on the activity and context of production

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Distance technical support

Technical support services aim to assist organizations’ staff members in their everyday use of software applications. Available as a bank of hours, this service allows employees to get immediate support in the accomplishment of a task or in the production of an important project, compensating the lack of a local IT team. This resource is available in real time through instant messaging, videoconferencing, phone or email.

Sample technical support queries :

  • Text and media editing in Microsoft Word
  • Video editing software recommendations for process demonstrations
  • Technological suggestions in response to immediate problems
  • Comparative study and use cases for various digital tools

Pricing: $ 70 / hour

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