Team and expertise

APOP’s team consists of a variety of personal profiles and expertise, which makes it an organization able to answer multiple needs and requests.


Oversees the efficient repartition of tasks and hires new resources when necessary. Verifies the production of deliverables and ensures their quality. Assists clients in case of an unresolved issue. Acts as a relay in the transmission of operational reports in the Services to businesses and organizations division.

Project management

Ensures the project is completed inside predicted deadlines and that budgets are respected according to the agreement with the client. For the duration of the agreement, acts as a relay between the production team and the client. Collaborates to the division of tasks inside the project. Analyses and shares with the client the advancement level of the project. Also intervenes as the primary risks manager and coordinates modification requests.

Business analysis

Understands and translates client’s needs. Suggests solutions according to the tools and approaches available. Analyzes the learning environment, material and objectives of the client. Considers the structural constraints inherent to the project (budget, deadlines, resources) to elaborate different solutions. Works out the most effective way to implement the solutions into the operational environment of the client.

Pedagogical design and strategy

Contributes to the preliminary analysis of the project (environment, existing content, etc.). Establishes the appropriate technopedagogical strategy to successfully complete the project with the client by considering the context, allocated budget and objectives inside the parameters agreed upon in the initial contract. Validates the relevance and quality of the means of diffusion and the validity of the strategies of communication and information granting access to the created content. Constantly collaborates to the evaluation and quality insurance of productions for the duration of the partnership.

Multimedia content production and transfer

Adapts, transfers, structures and distributes contents and technopedagogical strategies specific to a project. Possesses the skills and knowledge to contribute to the support of the human resources provided by the client or other actors contributing to the project as learning strategy and skill transfer consultants.

Content integration

Integrates the educational content inside technological tools in cooperation with the project’s team. Facilitates the diffusion of information to users. Insures a systematic technological monitoring to identify quality new software solutions and applications applicable in a teaching and learning context, both in present or distant learning environments.


Creates the visual elements required for formatting content developed in teaching and learning activities. Ensures to design significant, attractive and modular visuals adapted to the different environments for which they were designed. Respects the visual environment, designs and graphical grids provided by the client, in harmony with the media dedicated to the diffusion of content and values of the company.


Builds or adapts the technological tools necessary for the sharing of the content created or modified for the realization of the project. Undertakes a continuous technological watch to identify the standards and perspectives for digital and electronic processing to effectively support the integration efforts associated with the deliverables. Communicates to the production team the practices and technological advances to contribute to the development of the organization.

Digital publishing and editing

Ensures in a qualitative and coherent manner the literary treatment of the contents (wording, writing, editing, publishing) in digital or web format. Content editing optimizes the understanding and understanding of concepts while contributing to their adaptation to the needs of the client. Collaborates in the integration and validation of communication strategies established by the client through publishing and diffusion tools selected in the organizational context.

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