Using Videogames to Engage Students in Deeper Learning Experiences

  • Wednesday, September 20, 2017


  • Pascale Warmoes, Special education Teacher, LaSalle College
  • Johnathan Mina, Humanities Teacher, LaSalle College


  • Marie-Jeanne Carrière, Technopedagogue, APOP

Thinking of teaching online? Preparing for online classes is not quite a simple transfer from the traditional classroom setting.

One powerful tool that can help teachers address this issue are popular videogames. Unlike any other form of entertainment, some commercial videogames have the potential to offer students the opportunity to immerse themselves in an environment that is unfamiliar to them yet safe. This encourages them to explore other world views in a fun, engaging and entertaining way. This webinar will present a concrete example of the implementation of a popular videogame in a college classroom for educational purposes

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